Nodegoat 2 part Workshop: Beginners and Advanced

Information on people, places, and things are related to each other in different ways. There are countless ways we can infer these relations which are research question and source dependent. There are also many ways to store this information as data. The nodegoat platform is an object oriented relational web-based data management system which also provides network and geospatial visualizations in one platform. It has the availability to develop custom data models, and then collaborate on this data and later generate visualizations and export data. Within CLARIAH-VL nodegoat is used to store, organize, maintain and analyze relational data. Below you can find the cases where the platform is currently or has been used.

To support researchers in their use of such data, CLARIAH-VL & GhentCDH are hosting 2 nodegoat workshops. In the workshop you will learn how to use this platform for your research. The workshops will be held in two parts on the same day:

1) beginners

2) advanced users (users that already are using nodegoat or have setup an instance).

The workshops, given by the developers of the platform – Lab1100, will be held on 16 November from 10 – 12h & 14 – 16h respectively at Ghent University. Both workshops will be given in English, but questions may be asked in Dutch. The exact location will be confirmed two weeks before the location to registered participants. Please register here: