DESIR (DARIAH-ERIC Sustainability Refined)

DESIR (DARIAH-ERIC Sustainability Refined) project sets out to strengthen the sustainability of DARIAH and firmly establish it as a long-term essential leader and partner within arts and humanities communities. Sustaining existing knowledge in digital arts and humanities in Europe and enabling new one in the context of DESIR involves a goal-orientated set of measures in order to first, maintain, expand and develop DARIAH in its capacities as an organisation and technical research infrastructure; secondly, to engage its members further, and measure and increase their trust in DARIAH; and thirdly, to expand the DARIAH network in order to further integrate new regions and communities. DESIR breaks up the concept of sustainability into internal and external objectives, connecting them to clearly constructed activities with concrete outputs and verifiable and measurable outcomes.

Ghent University leads the Dissmination and Innovation activities of DESIR with the objective of communicating DARIAH services and tools in Europe and globally. The Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities will organise a series of high profile workshops in Europe (Berlin, Paris), the United Statues (Stanford University, Library of Congress) and Australia (Australian National Data Service).