TrustOn 2024: Tackling disinformation Workshop

TrustOn 2024: Tackling disinformationOPERAS Workshop

26–27 June 2024, Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) – Brussels

Aligned with the United Nations’ vision of a more trusted digital future, this international workshop highlights a human-centric approach and moves beyond technology-only solutions. It positions itself at the forefront of developing actionable strategies, providing practical recommendations for the UN Summit of the Future in September 2024.


  • To assess various trust dimensions of the Internet, encompassing infrastructure, governance& regulation, mediation and science, through partnerships with civil society, academia, the tech community, youth, policymakers, and others.
  • To establish a multi-stakeholder collaboration model, inspired by community living labs, as a fundamental step in developing responsible Digital Public Infrastructures (DPIs), a key element of the United Nations Global Digital Compact.
  • To share academic editorial best practices to safeguard the quality and integrity of online content, which is paramount in the age of AI-driven disinformation.