Digitising the Humanities: Lecture Digital Humanities & Book History - Prof. Katherine Bode - 22 Nov

Transformative encounters: book history and digital humanities, Blandijn 3rd floor, Vergaderzaal Camelot (22/11/2019 13:00 - 16:00)

Prof. Bode: "This talk explores the encounter of book history and digital humanities with respect to a project I’ve been working on for a number of years: to discover and investigate transnational fiction in digitised nineteenth-century Australian newspapers. The first part demonstrates the profound implications of this intersection for how we understand the publication, circulation, and reception of literature in the past. The second part describes how this encounter changes research in the present and future, particularly in terms of the new forms of publication, collaboration, and publics that digital humanities opens up book history. My argument will be that digital humanities is poised to transform – indeed, is already transforming – the field of book history. But I will also maintain that the success of this encounter depends on digital humanities resources and methods being transformed at least as much by their encounter with book history, as the reverse."

Katherine Bode is an associate professor of literary and textual studies at the Australian National University. She is the author or co-editor of books including A World of Fiction: Digital Collections and the Future of Literary History (2018), Advancing Digital Humanities: Research, Methods, Theories (2014), Reading by Numbers: Recalibrating the Literary Field (2012) and Resourceful Reading: eResearch, the New Empiricism, and Australian Literary Culture (2009).

This talk is generously funded by the WeChanged Research project and co-organized with the Digitising the Humanities lecture series. Participation is free, registration is mandatory via this link